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Makeup Gal


Love Your Soul

Reach beyond what you know.

Believe further than you see.

Act in ways that change for the good.

Speak for your soul.

The French Wolf

Wings of a Purple Dove

Ocassion : 21st Birthday

Where simplicity meets sexy.









Model : Amanda A.


Frisky Business

This is what happens when I’m told to “Be creative.”


:) !

Lake City

Once upon a modern time

There lived me

Who was born in the country

But was a city girl at heart


Superhero Makeup!


Sometimes life leaves for the unknown

Underneath its rocky core,

People witness, people see

Eyes stare down only to breath.

Reach for the stars and then they’ll say

Hello to you!

Ears listen, but do they really?

Remember that every person is special,

Otherwise you’re doomed to fail.

The Fullest of Closets


This photo encompasses about one tenth of the clothes I own.

I need your help!

Do you know any effective strategies for cleaning out your closet?


GoodWill is happy that I’ve decided to become a minimalist.






Sleeping Makes All The Difference!

I found this interesting article, after experiencing less sleep than usual:

People deprived of sleep for long periods appear less attractive and more unhealthy than those who are well rested, say researchers.

Not only is it important to FEEL your best (emotionally and physically), but its important to BE your best (health wise).


I am jumping for joy at the idea of a beautiful, healthy lifestyle!

Step One: Sleep

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