The Olden Days: Now, Golden Days

Towards the end of my high school experience, I started be coming readily involved in film making with my best friend, who also happened to be my partner in crime when it came to artistic moments, like creative thinking and producing anything from a school project to film festival material.

Our most promising work was entered into the Northampton Youth’s Film Festival, held at the Acadamy of Music in 2008, which was the focus of my essay used to apply to Westfield State University. Being accepted into the Communications department seemed to be the most amazing feeling; what is more amazing would undoubtedly be all time spent in this department over the last few years getting involved and continuing to evolve creatively. So far I have been a crew member for three seasons of a high school quiz show, As Schools Match Wits, just to name on academic example.

In regards to outside the Communication Department, my creative attributes have flourished. My first year I became extremely dedicated to nail experimentation, leading up to the nail business I created my sophomore year- although I only had a few customers, my passion for and ability to create such wonderfully looking nails has only progressed in a positive fashion.

Speaking of fashion, this element of expertise didn’t quite hit me until was more or less on my own. My senior year at NHS I participated in a fashion show, loving every second of it. The clothes were wild, the people were wild, the experience was wild. When advertising for a Westfield State fashion show caught my eye, I was already hooked. Two annual shows have come and gone, now the third production will take place March 3, 2012. Dressing up, attending practices, spending time with amazing people happens three times a week.

My all-time favorite time: when friends (especially non-friends) ask me for fashion advice. What’s second? When I’m asked to do their makeup. What’s third? When I’m asked to paint their nails.

When creating a business, advertisement is key. Visuals are even more imperative. Here are my visuals.

Editing is my specialty in regards to film production. It’s what I’m getting an education for. Its why I’m such a perfectionist. And perfection has absorbed all my daily activities.

Daily Activities:

Morning : Choose Outfit, Match Makeup

Afternoon : Class, Homework

Night: Fashion Practice

[Considering college time management, I tend to paint my nails whenever I have a spare moment]

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  1. Mark

    Love the title!
    “Fashion Practice” every night? Wow!

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